A Dead (Romans 6) Christian

7 May 2017

It is a joy to see students transformed through a deep reflection of God’s Word in theological education. This is an account of a student growing closer to God through an eight-week online class on the book of Romans: “Romans has always been my favorite book in the Bible because…

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Mentoring Outside the Classroom

7 February 2017

There are few moments more rewarding than those when you realize that the time and effort you have invested in your students have had a positive influence on someone’s life. The following situation that took place within one of our partner schools is a prime example. The teacher had dealt…

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Bible reading

Being the Witness

7 November 2016

Christians are called by God as witnesses who testify to his grace and redemption. It is encouraging to hear of theology students across the world becoming more confident in their testimony of Christ and sharing their faith with others. One student wrote: “I spent the day with my family and…

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