Participate in the ministry of Horizon Education Network by making a donation. Horizon depends on the faithful giving of God’s people to cover our ministry expenses. When you give to Horizon, the funds you donate are used to support our mission of training ministry leaders for Christ's church around the world.

Horizon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States, meaning that your donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with Horizon or your tax advisor to find out more.

Video Conferencing Fund

The Video Conferencing Fund helps meet the costs of providing video conferencing software that integrates with Horizon’s learning platform.

Learning Platform Fund

The Learning Platform Fund will help seminaries sustain their use of Horizon’s learning platform. Alleviating some of the cost allows seminaries to allocate their limited funds to other critical areas.

Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund supports immediate needs facing seminaries, such as housing and food for stranded students or for the poor and needy in neighboring communities.

Priority Project

Your donation will be used by Horizon Education Network where it is most needed.


Horizon’s team is comprised of dedicated missionaries seconded from mission organizations that are committed to Horizon’s mission and vision of training leaders for the church. Horizon does not accept donations for our personnel. Donations for their support should be made directly to their sponsoring agency. Please contact any one of the Horizon team members for details on how to support their ministry.