We seek to live out the following values as we use our expertise in the area of theological education to serve the body of Christ.

Biblical Integrity

We believe that the Bible is the sound, complete, and incorruptible foundation and framework for all that Horizon teaches and practices. Therefore, we are committed to training in the context of a learning community that reflects ongoing life transformation and the development of a biblical worldview through a growing understanding of God’s Word.

Educational Excellence

We seek the glory of God in all that we do. Therefore, we engage in a collaborative process of content development implemented through proven, culturally-informed educational principles and methods that are subject to regular reflection and evaluation. In the ongoing development of knowledge, character, and ministry skills, we also foster a commitment to lifelong learning.

Cultural Engagement

We recognize that Christ’s church is represented in diverse languages and cultures throughout the world. Therefore, we strive, along with our international partners, to identify and understand the unique contexts that inform ministry training.

Accessible Training

We affirm God’s desire that His church around the world steward wisely all that He has given. Therefore, we seek to offer our partners a sustainable and affordable educational model through distance learning, providing quality training to leaders active in ministry, a vast majority of whom currently do not have access to theological education in a traditional format.

Global Partnering

We believe God values all members of the body of Christ equally and is actively accomplishing His purposes in a variety of ways through diverse cultures. Therefore, we foster global partnerships, encouraging a spirit of interdependence, collaboration, and sharing that enriches the educational process.