Being the Witness

7 November 2016

Christians are called by God as witnesses who testify to his grace and redemption. It is encouraging to hear of theology students across the world becoming more confident in their testimony of Christ and sharing their faith with others. One student wrote:

“I spent the day with my family and conversation turned to spiritual matters in which I was able to witness. At the end of the day, my sister drove me home and we were able to have a long discussion. She is a scientist and has come to see evolution as impossible. She has also seen changes in my life and the way that I am handling trials in my life. I took the time to go through the Gospel and Glory of God. I explained that we can speak to God through prayer and God speaks to us through the Bible. I have given her a Bible and told her to start on the Gospels.”

We rejoice with this brother in Christ and many others who are answering the call to be a faithful witness of God’s goodness and grace.

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