The First Generation

7 February 2018

This is a great challenge for us, for we are the first generation of professors that have before us the first generation of students in the era of [online] technology. May God help us!

It can be intimidating to get involved in something that you are not confident in. This is how some people still feel about the use of online technology in education. While many recognize the benefits of online usage, the fear of the unknown can be unsettling. This sense of excitement mixed with anxiousness characterizes many of our Brazilian partners. They are grateful for the opportunity yet struggle over the work that must go into training the faculty and students to be involved in this method of education.

Undoubtedly, the transition to online platforms has been a major shift in education over the past decade. Just as with anything else, there are strengths and weaknesses of online education. However, new ways of approaching curriculum development and class setup can help to emphasize the strengths and work to remedy the weaknesses in order to establish a positive learning environment for both student and teacher. These well-crafted online learning environments can be even more effective than face-to-face education. As many have come to learn, the internet is not only a good way for people to stay connected across the world, but it is also a great education tool for, as one partner describes, “worldwide Christians to be able to learn and be equipped for his glory.” 

Brazil map