Connecting With ICETE

8 March 2022

The concept of networking has always been a key component of the vision of Horizon. In fact, the mission of Horizon is “to partner with national theological schools to equip ministry leaders through online learning and digital resource development in their own language and culture for global service.” In keeping with this mission, Horizon Education Network is pleased to announce that we have become an associate member of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE).  ICETE partners with 1,200 schools with an estimated 100,000 students representing 113 countries. It shares Horizon’s vision of training the people of the church to be leaders in the churches in their culture. Horizon also shares values with ICETE, such as a conviction about the importance of biblical and theological integrity, an emphasis on life transformation, and a commitment to cultural relevance.

This new relationship with ICETE will benefit both organizations in many ways. First of all, it will further strengthen Horizon’s potential for networking and expand our ministry. Allan Cuthbert, president of Horizon, said of the partnership, It also provides “significant opportunities to collaborate with a large number of theological schools and organizations to advance the mission of strengthening the church through the training of pastors and leaders…The resources ICETE provides help Horizon better serve its educational partners.” Another significant advantage to this new partnership is the mutual commitment to provide students with holistic education. While Horizon has provided expertise in online theological education, Cuthbert says, “We are also concerned with strengthening traditional residential or situated theological education models. In our experience, attention to the development of quality online education strengthens in-person components of theological education.”

Horizon has always been a learning organization. The emphasis of the entire Horizon staff is on listening and lifelong learning. Horizon’s participation in the last two ICETE consultations “has helped us to better understand the contexts in which many theological education organizations serve. This has enabled us to learn and be responsive to meet local needs as we work with theological schools and organizations throughout the world,” according to Cuthbert. The resources available because of our relationship with ICETE will assist Horizon to provide high-quality education for its education partners.

This new relationship will also provide benefits to ICETE. One of Horizon’s strengths is the effective use of online technology. Online education allows schools to provide quality education to a greater number of students, creating a greater opportunity for sustainability and growth. Cuthbert believes, “Horizon’s multilingual courses, resources, tools, and professional development training for faculty and administration represent a shared set of educational resources that would add value to ICETE’s global network.”

To achieve the goals shared by Horizon and ICETE, the provision that comes from God is essential. We ask you to pray that the Lord will work powerfully to use this new relationship for the strengthening of his church for the glory of God.

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