An Expanded Horizon

May 2018

During a training event in Jamaica, we had the pleasure of working alongside missionaries Caleb and Charity Gibbs. The Gibbs family has a ministry of teaching and discipleship, mainly at Fairview Baptist Bible College where Caleb teaches courses online and on campus. In a recent letter, they noted the splendid opportunity that the students at the college had to learn how to use online education:

“I sat in the classroom at the college and looked around the room. Seven people sat around with their computers out working on writing their own online class. It marked a big step forward for the Bible college here as we seek to expand the ministry reach through online education.”

The Gibbs went on to describe how the training session was instrumental in helping the school take the next step in incorporating an online component into their curriculum: 

“This is a big step for the school to tackle if we are to provide culturally relevant training in a flexible way for Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. The end result was not only some increased knowledge and skill but excitement. Several of the participants began to see the great practical benefit of what was possible in helping the churches of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. The week ended with some specific plans and steps that have already been undertaken.”

We join the Gibbs family in thanking God for his work through online education in Jamaica and we continue to seek his face for the discipleship of brothers and sisters in Christ.