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Many churches and seminaries in the majority world live on a subsistence basis, with no savings to help them manage crises like COVID-19. It is the reality in which they live, and it requires them to pray literally for their “daily bread” to meet their needs. Yet despite these challenges, churches and seminaries across the majority world are finding ways to feed the hungry and shelter the sick in their regions. However, the sad reality associated with these encouraging reports is that many seminaries will be forced to close their doors due to the economic impact of this pandemic if outside help is not provided. This, in turn, will negatively impact the churches and communities where they serve. The Emergency Relief Fund is designated to support immediate needs facing seminaries, such as housing and food for stranded students or for the poor and needy in neighboring communities. It will also be used as a temporary solution that enables seminaries to continue offering ministry training as they also seek to address these critical local needs.


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